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TALA PLASTIC has positioned itself today as one of the top five leading Manufacturing organization in UAE, capable of meeting most of plastic market requirements. The company was set up in 2002 and ever since, it has maintained incoming Manufacturing services as its core business, having served a lot of customers in the Middle East and all over the world.
We have many diversity of products which apply high quality conditions, environmental friendly criteria and all manufactured by fresh materials. We use a high technology machines and all our staff are experts with professional experience. They work with customers on material selection, sizing and design to ensure the job is a success. We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship, competitive pricing and fast turnaround.


Success in business is all about meeting or exceeding your customer’s needs. As we collaborate toward this end, we become customers of one another. When we treat our co-workers like customers, the actual customers receive even better service.


Open and honest communication is the key to unparalleled customer service. And, a workplace administered with consistency and fairness promotes enthusiasm, teamwork, and pride for all.

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Tala Plastic is a company dedicated to the achievement of success as defined by our values.