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Plastic Bag Manufacturer

We have many diversity of products which apply high quality conditions, environmental friendly criteria and all manufactured by fresh materials. We use a high technology machines and all our staff are experts with professional experience. They work with customers on material selection, sizing and design to ensure the job is a success. We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship, competitive pricing and fast turnaround.

Fresh - LD & HD

Our different t-shirt bags are durable and affordable handle bags for a variety of products like books, groceries and clothes. These t-shirt-carry-out bags can be customized to represent your

Vegetable Roll

The narrow width, star seal, bag-on-a-roll solution is a hit with shoppers and produce department managers. It easily integrates with compact dispenser so that shoppers focus on the produce, not the bags. Installation requirements are very flexible and with up to 500 bags per roll, restocking time and effort is reduced. Compact with one-at-a-time dispensing can place a choice of bag sizes at your fingertips

printing bags (HD,LD,PP)

Tala Plastic manufactures a wide selection of plastic bags for merchandise and retail packaging that are available in a rainbow of colors, printed random or registered up to 10 colors. We proudly boast the best lead times in the industry. Our products are not only high quality but can be customized to meet specialized packaging applications and will perform to your highest standards and stand up to your toughest challenges.

We provide the following styles of bags:

Small / medium cartoon

LDPE recycled bag

HDPE grocery bags

HDPE garbage bag

HDPE Clear bags

LDPE black garbage bag

Flat Poly Bags

Poly w/ Side Gusset

Recloseable Poly Bags

Poly Bag Die Cut Handle

Poly Bag Patch Handle

Poly Wicketed Bags

Perforated Bags on a Roll

Poly Tubing

Merchandise Bags

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